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Early spring 2014, Visnes Hotel was posted for sale. Since 1850, the hotel has been hosted and operated by the family Visnes, throughout six generations. With a desire to run their own business, and to contribute to the local tourism and environment, the married couple Marit Nordheim Otterdal and Arvid Otterdal, decided to buy the hotel.

Marit is originally from Eastern Norway, a small mountain village called Vats, located in Ål in Hallingdal. Here she grew up with her parents and siblings, running the family business, Nordheim Fjellstue. She has a lot of experience from the hotel-, tourist- and restaurant sector. For the past 12 years she has been a store manager at “Vinmonopolet”, the main distributor of wine and spirits in Norway. She has a great knowledge of food and wine, and has achieved several diplomas and courses within the subject.

Arvid was raised at a farm in Hornindal, a village located 30 minutes from Stryn. Previously Arvid worked as a carpenter, today he is a District Manager for the international company Stihl/Viking in Norway. Arvid has a desire for the maintenance of the hotel and the property at Visnes. He does also have a big interest for outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting and fishing, and will gladly share his knowledge with you. Marit And Arvid have a desire to develop “Active Tourism” in the surrounding area of Stryn. 

The couple has always loved to travel, and throughout the years they have travelled a lot both domestically and abroad, collecting inspiration from many different places. As of today, they’re biggest interest is to reveal the best from the local area and develop the potential of Visnes Hotel and its surroundings. They wish to maintain a historical hotel in one of the most famous tourist sites in the world. They will contribute with local knowledge about both outdoor activities in the area and history, as well as a passion for food and wine. 

We welcome you to Visnes Hotel!

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