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The history of Visnes Hotel

The history of Visnes Hotel is dated back to 1850. Visnes Hotel was originally one of the biggest farms in the area, when the owner Anton Visnes decided to furnish some rooms and to receive guests in the main house. From then, the farm slowly developed into a hotel. The property was constantly expanded, and the son of Anton, Arne, made it into a complete hotel in 1887. At that time Visnes was a central and important place for the community in Stryn, with the dock located just by the hotel and the main road passing right by. Goods and guests came by both by the road and by sea.

The largest renovation and expansion of Visnes Hotel happened in the interwar years, this was also the time when Visnes got its Swiss styled façade. The hotel now got 30 guestrooms, and the owners were also running a gas station and a garage at the time. From 1957-1986 no one was running the hotel, and the business was closed for several years. Then Kristin Visnes, 5. Generation of the family, decided to run the Hotel. In 2000, 6. Generation Visnes came to Stryn to take over the family business after her mother. Vibeke Visnes renovated several of the rooms, and all of them now got their own bathrooms. Today the hotel has 15 rooms all decorated in interwar style and Art Nouveau.

In 2014 the hotel was sold to Marit Nordheim Otterdal and Arvid Otterdal, after being in the Visnes family for 6 generations. They intend to continue operations in traditional style with accommodation and events. The hotel will retain its style, which is characterized by the many eras of history it has been through. You will see traces of the large farm Visnes once was, with the big yard in surrounding the Hotel, and the old barn as a landmark. Now we will rebuilt the barn and make 4 family rooms in the attic. In the ground floor, there will be room for meetings and gatherings.

Visnes Hotel has been assigned “Olavsrosa”, which is a quality symbol for the Norwegian cultural heritage. 

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